Chiropractic Licensure and Education

By Administrator on January 31, 2016

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There are currently 16 chiropractic colleges in the United States, ten of which were established prior to 1945. Over 14,000 young men and women attend these chiropractic colleges each year. A minimum of two years of undergraduate education is required in USA and Canada, with completion of the course in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and psychology, English/communication and the humanities. Each required science course must also include a laboratory unit. A chiropractic program consists of four academic years of professional education averaging a total of 4,822 hours of course work. Several areas of study are emphasized during the course of chiropractic education: 1) adjustive techniques/spinal analysis 2) principal/practices of chiropractic 3) physiologic therapeutics 4) biomechanics The practice of chiropractic is licensed and regulated in all 50 states of the U.S. and in over 30 countries worldwide. State licensing boards regulate, among other factors, the education, the experience and moral character of candidates for licensure, and protect the public health, safety and welfare.